Backing up Samba shares with Seagate Backup Exec for NT

Jrauch at Jrauch at
Sat Apr 3 21:55:37 GMT 1999

Does anyone have experience backing up their samba SMB shares with an
NT-based backup system? I'm using Seagate Backup Exec 7.0, and whenever I
select a share on Samba, I get a message saying "Unable to connect to
server, <F5> to retry", and then another one saying "A device specefic error
occured". My samba shares are all fully operational (I can access them from
a client workstation without problems), and I use Backup Exec with other NT
shares all the time. 
Any ideas, or comments on this method of backup are greatly appreciated!
John Rauch
Clark Nuber, P.S.

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