NT access problems:

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat Apr 3 21:59:16 GMT 1999

On 3 Apr 99, "Laura S. Tinnel" <ltinnel at cs.utk.edu> had questions 
about NT access problems:

> NT is the only remaining problem. It cannot access anything on Linux
> through Network Neighborhood. First off, as soon as I double click on the
> Linux machine's icon, it immediately prompts me for a userid/password even
> though it is sync'd up with the Linux side. This is annoying, but I can
> live with it. The real problem is that when I type in the
> username/password, I get the error message: The account is not authorized
> to logon from this station. I don't even get a list of shares. I get
> nothing. I've checked the smb log file and there are no entires. I've also
> checked the syslog and there's nothing there either.

With user level security, I think you'll have to map the NT 
hostname to a valid username in smbusers (even if the NT account 
name matches the linux account name).  The only catch is, the 
mapped name will no longer be able to access the samba shares 
directly (which is probably not a problem for an NT hostname).

Also, there's a goofy NT4SP3 feature that requires an open 
connection before NN browsing (of the samba shares) will work.

So:  for each user who will login to the NT machine to access the 
samba shares, add an entry to the smbusers file mapping the linux 
username to the NT hostname.  Then, login to NT and open a command 
prompt and do a Net Use command (use the username switch) to map 
one or more shares as local drives.  You should then be able to 
browse all samba shares from NT Exploder.  If you make them 
permanent connections, then you won't have to do this every time.

It may be that NT will still prompt for a password the next time 
you login and browse to a samba share (or it may not).  I've seen 
both behaviors on the same machine...

Hope this helps, Steve

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