Please help with Configuration Problem

Cory Derrick coryderrick at
Sat Apr 3 02:52:10 GMT 1999

Please forgive me for what is probably a trivial solution but I am 
having problems getting a certain level of access to my Samba server for 
users across our network.  I have spent a good bit of time reading 
through the Samba book by John Blair and would spend more time but I 
have got to figure this out by the end of the weekend. ANY help would be 
greatly appreciated.  Here is what I need and what I have.

Our network consists of 6000+ users on several different NT domains that 
have no trust relationships between them (and probably never will).  I 
have a Redhat 5.2 Linux box running Samba-1.9.18p10-5 that I want to 
allow users to access. Out of all of the users, less than 10 of them 
need read/write access a particular share. All remaining users (in all 
domains) need to be have read only access to the same share.  I really 
don't want to have to maintain user accounts for all 6000+ users on the 
Redhat box.  I would prefer to only have accounts for the 10 or so users 
that need write access on the Redhat box and allow the other users to 
connect as a guest user. I have tried several different combinations 
with user and share level security but have ran into problems. Can 
anyone give me any ideas as to the best way to accomplish this.  

Also, how can I get Win95 user to pass a different userid than that of 
the one they are currently logged into the domain with?

Thanks again for any help you can provide. 

- C. Derrick

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