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Sat Apr 3 01:54:25 GMT 1999

> Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 14:49:54 -0600 (EST)
> From: "Carey F. Cox" <carey at>
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> Subject: Logon scripts
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> Well, I finally solved my problem of not being able to run executables 
> on a Win95 client from a samba share. At the DOS prompt, I had to issue...
> 	C:> net use X: \\SAMBASERVER\SHARE
> and then go through My_Computer to the X: drive. Evidently the executables 
> were looking for data files that were not in the path. If I add this to 
> a logon script, setting up this (and others) drive would be automated.
> I know that I can setup a logon script for each user by adding...
> 	logon script = %U.bat
> into smb.conf, where user1.bat might contain the following...
> 	net use X: \\SAMBASERVER\user1
> 	net use P: \\SAMBASERVER\public
> that would setup the two drives X and P. However, this would mean I 
> need to create a logon script for each user. Since only the home share 
> would change for each user (user1 in the example), is there a way to 
> setup one logon script for everyone that would automatically factor in 
> the user's particular home share?

try something like this:

net use X: \\sambaserver\homes

it will map whomever the current user is home dir.

also you should consider (if you're planning on doing more logon scripting
to investigate perl-win32 and/or kixtart.


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