[SOLVED] Re: Windows executables

Carey F. Cox carey at tabasco.lamar.edu
Fri Apr 2 21:00:38 GMT 1999

I solved my problem of not being able to run executables residing on a 
samba server on a win95 client. I'm not sure why, but all I did was 
simply setup a drive which pointed to the samba share, i.e.

	C:> net use X: \\SAMBASERVER\user1

where user1 is the logon id. I can then click on the X: drive under 
My_Computer and run the executable. I guess in trying to run directly 
from the Network_N'hood, there was some confusion about the path.

Anyway, all is working now, but the above solution brings on another 
problem which I have documented in the thread "logon scripts."

Thanks to all who offered there help!


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