NT PDC forgets it's the domain master browser! Why???

Jim Watt jimw at pe-nelson.com
Fri Apr 2 19:09:20 GMT 1999

--On 4/2/99, 1:19 PM +0100 Joel Smith wrote:

} Jim Watt <jimw at pe-nelson.com> wrote:
} >A quick synopsis:  I have an NT PDC acting as the domain
} >master browser on one network, and a Samba machine acting
} >as the browse master for the same domain on the other
} >network.  Both networks are local, and the router passes
} >everything between the networks.
} >
} >About a week after the NT PDC has been rebooted,
} >Samba (nmbd) can no longer contact the domain master browser to
} >synchronize browse lists:
} We had exactly the same problem - it turned out that someone had been
} fiddling with the PDC and had changed the WINS entry to point to itself
} (and it isn't a WINS server) instead of the Samba WINS server.

Unfortunately, that's not the problem with this one.  The correct
IP address is listed for both the primary and secondary WINS entries,
and "ipconfig /all" confirms that those are the settings in use.

The machine already has "IsDomainMaster" set to TRUE and
"MaintainServerList" set to "Yes" in HKLM/CurrentControlSet/
Services/Browser/Parameters, so it's been firmly told what
to do!

I've checked the PDC's logs for evidence that it has given up
being the domain browse list maintainer - there isn't any.

Thanks for the thought - that's not something I'd considered!

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