NT access problems: The account is not authorized to logon from this station

Laura S. Tinnel ltinnel at cs.utk.edu
Fri Apr 2 16:07:20 GMT 1999

I recently installed RedHat 5.2 w/ SAMBA and hooked it up to my small LAN.
All my other machines are Windows 95, 98, and NT. I have TCP/IP installed
on all machines and they can all ping each other. I am not running with a
domain controller. I am instead using a workgroup. All Windows machines can
talk to each other both through TCP/IP and Network Neighborhood. I finally
got SAMBA set up on the Linux machine such that Linux can see and access
ALL drives on the network (both 95, 98, and NT). Both 95 and 98 can
transparently access the Linux drives as I have set up the same
userid/password on all machines.

NT is the only remaining problem. It cannot access anything on Linux
through Network Neighborhood. First off, as soon as I double click on the
Linux machine's icon, it immediately prompts me for a userid/password even
though it is sync'd up with the Linux side. This is annoying, but I can
live with it. The real problem is that when I type in the
username/password, I get the error message: The account is not authorized
to logon from this station. I don't even get a list of shares. I get
nothing. I've checked the smb log file and there are no entires. I've also
checked the syslog and there's nothing there either.

As for my SAMBA configuration, I am using user level security. I am not
using the smbpasswd or smbusers files. I have shared /tmp to public, but I
don't even see this.

Any clues are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Laura S. Tinnel
ltinnel at cs.utk.edu

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