NETATALK support removed in SAMBA 2.0.3?!

PayPC System Mail Subscriber spammail at
Fri Apr 2 08:02:24 GMT 1999

I've just done a:

./configure --with-netatalk --with-mmap --with-ssl --with-quotas

on my Linux 2.0.36/intel server...

built samba 2.0.3 [release] successfully 
testparms is happy, my WinDoze clients are working smoothly (good job, Samba 

I notice the netatalk.c file never gets compiled, doing mass-grep's (in all 
source/lib directories) on WITH_NETATALK don't show any matches, except 
within the netatalk.c file itself, doing mass-greps on the ntalk_xxxx 
routines within netatalk.c don't turn up any matches at all... and grepping 
the smbd binary for "AppleDouble" doesn't show any matches either.

So... has this been removed [no mention of it in the FAQs or Changes logs, 
only that the support was ADDED sometime back in August]?  Bad CVS check-in 
or merge?  What's the story?

If anyone knows what happened to this functionality and/or how to restore it, 
please let me know.  I'd greatly appreciate an e-mail 
(mailto:spammail at as this digested list makes it difficult 
for me to find replies to messages.

Two other questions:

1) Are the Samba folks intending to add copyfile() [file to socket/socket to 
file, and in some incarnations, file-to-file(?) at the kernel level].  I know 
Linux 2.2 and the new FreeBSD have them.

2) How well does the nt acl support work?  The language in the man page 
sounds pretty harsh.  I don't use samba as a domain controller, or link its 
permissions and security model with an NT server's in any way [one of the 
happy things samba is allowing for us, is to eliminate all NT Servers from 
our network YAY!].  I'd just like for "modern" permissions control, rather 
than the skanky DOS read-only/system/hidden stuff.  I just want for NT 
clients to be able to set group/user permissions "normally" on the samba 


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