include = %what?

iordache iordache at
Fri Apr 2 06:06:17 GMT 1999

Hi !
Let's assume we want to let users to see only certain shares. A simple
way to do this would be to put a line like this in smb.conf:

include = smb.conf.%u          ;from "man smb.conf", include section:
"It takes
                                ;standards substitution, except %u, %S,
So, another ways can be:

include = smb.conf.%U
include = %H/smb.conf

The %U substitution works for me with Samba 1.9.18pl10. Now, with samba
2.0.3 seems
that I can't do this anymore. Or am I wrong ? Can be another solution ?
And what's the reason that the %u substitution doesn't have to work ?

And, to quote Steve Arntzen:"This is the final snag in replacing our
last [..]Novell server with a Samba machine."


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