Browsing problems in IP masqueraded subnet

Bokor Dezso dejou at
Thu Apr 1 21:59:26 GMT 1999

	Hello there!

First of all I would like to say thank you for your answer. Here you are
my footnotes:

> I think you would need to either add an external WINS server (ie, one 

As I already mentioned we have an external NT WINS server outside. That's
all we have, and there can be only one (as in the film Highlander). Due to 
the experimental subject of my subnet I can't ask the users in the
dormitory to change their well working settings to something less

> outside your firewall) or have another samba box to collect browse 
> list data on the other side of the firewall.  Assuming your ip-masq 

Huh... How many machines do I need to set up samba correctly? Why is the
firewall unable to do this job itself? It takes place in both sides,
doesn't it?

> box is passing the UDP stuff appropriately (ports 138 & 139 ?).  As 
> far as browsing across subnets (with a firewall in between yet), 
> you might need to sync your samba server with another one on the 
> other side. 

Actually I'm not a computer dealer, I have only one for this purpose, and
it is the firewall. As you have already seen, it is configured to sync and
collate browse lists between the subnet and the outer one.

> Even NT can't do some of the stuff samba can...

I'm assured it is right... But I would like to take advantage of the
existing infrastructure... ;) 
Anyway I kindly accept any further suggestions.

	Thanks for your help. 

					Gabor Jeney

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         Name: Gabor Jeney PhD. student 
         Organisation: Technical University of Budapest
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