User rights after smbmount

Jan Ole Kastens JOKastens at
Thu Apr 1 21:13:43 GMT 1999

Hello list !

I just installed Linux on some of our network clients.
We have got a Samba Server running on Linux (1.9.18p10).
On Windows 95/98/NT there is no problem accessing the samba server.
On Linux, as root, everything is ok, smbmount works fine and everything
on the share is accessible with the same username and password I used
later with smbmount. But when I try to mount an smb share as a normal
user, I can mount the share, but I have not the right to access it.
Smbmount insists on running as suid root. And only root can access any
smb share mounted by any normal user or by root.
The rights on the mountpoint after smbmount are as follows:

smbmount //server/BJS /home/user/BJS -U user -P xxxxx -D BJS 
(i added every possible other parameter (-f ,-g and so on - same result)
d---------   1 user root          512 Jan  1  1970 BJS 

With every account - as well as root - after smbmount these are the
on the mountpoint. No normal user can access that smb share over the
mount point except root. When I try to change the rights on the
mountpoint when the share is mounted, what ever I tell him, the share
gets the rights
d-w--w--w- . I don´t understand that.
Thank you for help in advance.

Jan Ole Kastens


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