Can't log on to domain

Brian Lalor blalor at
Thu Apr 1 14:09:34 GMT 1999

Hey all.  I'm not sure this is strictly Samba related, but here goes. :)

I've got two machines set up: one's a PC running Linux (and Samba, of
course) which acts as a local master and sync's browse lists with the
master on another subnet.  This machine is configured with ip-masquerading
and has the second PC, running Win95, on the masqueraded net.  I'm trying
to get the Win95 PC to log on to the site LAN, but it can't find the
domain server.  I've got the Linux PC acting as a WINS proxy and have the
Win95 machine properly configured, so I can see the browse lists just

How do I make the Win95 machine see the domain controllers?  I've tried
putting some entries in the LMHOSTS file, but I'm not sure I've even got
that file in the right place (I can't find the NT-style param to tell it
to use the LMHOSTS file).

Hellllp! :)

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