NT PDC forgets it's the domain master browser! Why???

Jim Watt jimw at pe-nelson.com
Thu Apr 1 01:25:17 GMT 1999

This one isn't by any means resolved.  But I know a little
more about name resolution than I did Monday.

A quick synopsis:  I have an NT PDC acting as the domain
master browser on one network, and a Samba machine acting
as the browse master for the same domain on the other
network.  Both networks are local, and the router passes
everything between the networks.

About a week after the NT PDC has been rebooted,
Samba (nmbd) can no longer contact the domain master browser to
synchronize browse lists:

[1999/03/31 17:21:33, 0] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:find_domain_master_name_query_fail(362)
  Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name TIOGA<1b> for
     the workgroup TIOGA.
  Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup.

I've been able to reproduce nmbd's behavior using nmblookup
by sending a UNICAST request to the WINS server to resolve
the the "#1b" name for the PDC:

nmblookup -d 10 -U tioga#1b

"" is the address of the WINS server.  The name
was not resolved.  The name _is_ resolved if broadcast
resolution is used:

nmblookup -d 10 tioga#1b

So apparently the record has expired from the WINS server,
and it's not honoring the name resolution list it's been
given (from smb.conf):

   name resolve order = lmhosts wins host bcast

Rebooting the PDC refreshes that record.  But why doesn't
the Samba WINS server resort to broadcast resolution as it's
been told to?  I've even tried putting the <domain>#1b name
in Samba's lmhosts file, and that doesn't work either!

(See Message-ID: <3672460627.922795461 at wattjg.PE-Nelson.COM> dated
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 12:04:21 -0800) for my original posting to
the samba mailing list.)

I think I'll Cc: samba-bugs on this one...

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