AIX compile

Master sosa19 at
Sat Sep 5 04:23:10 GMT 1998

Hi all. I am trying to compile samba on AIX and am having a hard time
getting passed, what I believe, is a socket problem. I remember somebody
posting something in the past about it but do not remember. I was wondering
if anybody out there could give me a example of how you are compiling. I
have Visual Age C++ from IBM and IBM AIX 4.3 on a H50 Box. When I run Samba
and check it with smbclient I find I cannot view the share list. I am
running samba with an account that su root. the samba 1.16 and 19 version
works but anything past 2.0 isn't Am I missing something in compile, it
appears to build successfully. I have built Samba on Linux, freebsd and SCO
but have never ran into this problem. I have been at it for three days and
can't seem to figure it out. Anybody else ran it this? Thanks in advance for

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