Problems keeping file up to date !

Klaus Troeger klaus.troeger at
Wed Sep 30 06:49:54 GMT 1998


our environment:   Sun Sparc 10/20 with Samba 1.9.18p8
                   Configuration with no printer support
                   WINS/DNS resolution enabled
                   NIS home directorys
Our Problem:  If a user modifies a existing file (created on his/her pc) on 
              his/her sun using standard UNIX text editors and accesses this 
              file afterwards on his/her pc with the connected Samba network 
              drive (especially with application "notepad"), he/she sees only 
              the "old contents" of the file (but with actual modification 
              date/time) before the change on the UNIX platform.
              Sometimes this effect could be cleard by viewing the file with 
              another windows application.
              I have already tried to force writing with option "sync always",
              but this seems not working !
Any clues, how to correct this behaviour !

Thanks in advance


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