Print problems

Brad Barrett brad at
Tue Sep 29 16:51:43 GMT 1998

I have several samba machines set up to provide file/print services
for our windoze LAN.  A strange thing has been occuring, however,
when multiple people try to print to the same printer at the same
time.  When printing one at a time, everything works perfect.  But
when two or more people try to print to the same printer at the same
time, only one job is printed and the others are discarded (where? I
don't know...).  I have looked in all the usual places for information
regarding this, but have not found anything mentioned.  Any pointers
would be greatly appreciated.  The system is Linux 2.0.35 using Samba
1.9.18p2 and lprng.  The printers are all network attatched HP laserjets
and the print command in smb.conf is:

print command = "/usr/bin/lpr -P hp4k -b %s"

hp4k is DNS mapped, and everything works fine until two people try to
print at the same time...  ANY pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Bradford L. Barrett                     brad at
Director of Data Systems
New Millennium Communications Corp.     Those that can, do...
Miami,  Florida    USA                  Those that can't, run windows.

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