samba on linux seems slower than win95 as server

Dr Hugh Nelson hugh.nelson at
Tue Sep 29 22:18:47 GMT 1998

hi folks,

we had a nice old compaq Prosignia300 server - Pentium75 but nice 
architecture.  It won't serve as a workstation but from what I read 
of linux and samba it should have done very well as a server on our 
win95 network.

However, after setting all the win95 boxes up with tcp/ip to see the 
samba server, and copying all our medical databases across, we found 
that the response time was much slower than when we used the machine 
in win95 with netbeui.

all I had read about samba suggested we should get much better 
performance rather than worse.

did i set it up wrong? is there is some configuration which should be 
changed to make it work better?

grateful for any help.

(PS if we can make this hum, many of my colleagues would start using 
Samba on Linux rather than buying NT to get stability.)


Hugh Nelson.

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