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Christopher J. Kaiser ckaiser at
Mon Sep 28 15:16:05 GMT 1998

I'm having a problem getting W95 and WNT to correctly read file names on
a samba server I set up.  The server passed all of the diagnostics, and
file names show up correctly in a dos window.  However, under windows
explorer, anything after a . doesn't show up in the name.  This is only
true for a . in the middle of the name, "hidden" files such as .fvwmrc
show up.  WE does describe the file according to what it considers the
extension, for example the listing for shows up as:
netscape   a PS file.

I can save files and have them show up in the WE directory listing, but
I can't move or delete them after that.  I can, however, from smbclient
or a dos window.

Moreover, if I select a file and try to open it into a word processor, I
get an error message about the file or share not existing on the
machine.  If I double click on the name, the file is opened.

It looks to me like I've set up the windows client incorrectly, but
going by the examples I've seen, I'm not sure how.

I have case preservation and name mangling on in my smb.conf file.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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