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David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Sep 28 12:30:37 GMT 1998

Steve Resnick wrote:
> > I must object!!!!! killall works fine on some systems (e.g.: Linux) but
> > on Solaris, killall does just that --- it kills ALL processes.

Dan Stromberg replied:
> I generally like sun, but sun really blew it on this killall thing.
> They took a standard name for something really useful and made it do
> something other than what it should. 

	Relax, they put it in /usr/sbin, along with other stuff
	that should be acessable in single-user (and by implication
	shouldn't normally be in one's path).
	It's not in mine, but it is in root's.  Care is recommended!
	Personally, have a restart command in /etc/rc2.d/S95samba.server...
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