can't get past test 8 in diagnosis.txt

Keith nfn11988 at
Sun Sep 27 18:38:09 GMT 1998

I am trying very hard to get Samba working on my RedHat 5.1 system. I can't
get past the 7th test in the Diagnosis.txt. On my Windows95 computer if I
type 'net view \\MONSTER1' at a DOS prompt it returns an error:
Error 54: The network is currently busy processing other requests or is out
of resources. Try again later, or verify your network configuration to be
sure that enough network resources are specified.

In the diagnosis.txt it says the if you get a message like "specified
computer is not receiving requests" or similar it probably means that the
host is not contactable via tcp services. Check to see if the host is
running tcp wrappers, and if so add an entry in the hosts.allow file for
your client (or subnet, etc.)

Here is what my hosts.allow file looks like:
ALL: LOCAL @workgroup

I think that should work. My biggest problem is I do not know if my server
is running tcp wrappers, I don't know what tcp wrappers are. If anyone
could help me with what tcp wrappers are, how do I tell if I am running
them, and if I need them how do I get them running on my server.


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