network is busy

Robert robert at
Thu Sep 24 14:10:49 GMT 1998

hello, thanks for the replies about restarting samba...

here is another one ....

on a few pc's (2 so far win95-b) when I try to map a network drive to
\\server\apps I get the message "network is busy".. I currently have one
samba server and one advance file and print server ie(nt 3.51) running
on an sco box. my security mode is share and I have a few people logged
in as guest...
any clues why the "network is busy"??  
ps I just upgraded to 1.9.18p10 yesterday.. still same message.

ps ps. it seems to happen when I remove the novell stuff from the
clients ie ipx compatable protocol... and just have tcp and microsoft
stuff loaded.. (could be a coicidence)..

thanks in advance..


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