Start and stop the samba server

Tony Nugent Tony.Nugent at
Thu Sep 24 02:46:32 GMT 1998

> Is there a good way to stop and restart the samba server...
> for example to have it re read the smb.conf, without rebooting the
> actual pc?

You don't need or want to reboot just for things like this!  This is the
world of unix, not m$'s world of "do you wish to reboot now?" :)

> if I should kill a process should I kill them all ??? if so is there an
> efficent way to do this?

You don't even need to kill and restart the processes (although this will
certainly work and is far better than doing a reboot).

In fact, (if I read what I thought I read), the samba daemons periodically
reread the config files anyway.

But to force most processes to re-read there config files, give them a
SIGHUP signal...

% killall -HUP smbd nmbd


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