Static mappings with SAMBA WINS ?

Craig Huckabee huck at
Mon Sep 21 22:26:38 GMT 1998

  Hi all,

     Here's my stupid question of the month:

	I recently replaced my NT WINS server with a SAMBA server - that
	went pretty smooth with one exception.

	I had put in a static mapping (on the NT WINS server) for a host that
	is on another network that we don't manage so our users could
	connect to it by just using the name (i.e. '\\foo') instead of the
	FQDN (i.e. '\\') when mapping drives to it or viewing
	the shares.

	How does one get the same result using a SAMBA WINS server ?  I've 
	tried adding an entry into the SAMBA 'lmhost' file with no luck.
	Is there somewhere else to stick static mappings like this ?


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