samba-2.0.0-alpha6 compilation problem - second followup

Heiko Nardmann h.nardmann at
Mon Sep 21 11:28:34 GMT 1998

Oops ... I was a bit too fast with my previous statement:

the file client/clitar.c results in some problems:

Compiling client/clitar.c
client/clitar.c:1783: warning: `#ifdef' argument starts with a digit
client/clitar.c: In function `get_file':
client/clitar.c:1689: too few arguments to function `do_setrtime'
client/clitar.c: In function `get_longfilename':
client/clitar.c:1758: too few arguments to function `unfixtarname'
make: *** [client/clitar.o] Error 1

line 1783 is the following one:

#ifdef 0   /* Fix later ... */

This should be

#if 0

line 1689 is the following one:

  if (!do_setrtime(, finfo.mtime)) {

The boolean argument is missing, so I changed that to

  if (!do_setrtime(, finfo.mtime, True)) {

line 1758 is the following one:

    unfixtarname(longname + offset, buffer_p, MIN(TBLOCK, finfo.size));

A missing boolean argument here, too. Does this have to be True or
Or something more missing here?

Awaiting an answer ...

Ciao ... Heiko Nardmann

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