trouble with "write list = @group"

David Bullock davidb at
Mon Sep 21 08:11:07 GMT 1998

> It works for one user
> who has the same UNIX username as PC NAME.  All the other
> folks are denied.  However, they work fine with the [homes]
> section, which makes use of the file.

> Am running samba-1.9.16p2 on solaris 2.5.1

Just a thought: Check that your unix permissions allow that
group to have group write access to all the share directories.

Also you may need "force create mode=664" rather than simply
"create mode" (which is better named "create mask"), and
"force directory mode=775" for directories.

Finally, if a user in  doccontrol moves files or directories into
this share using a WFW or WIN9x box, the Unix group
ownership will not change - you will have to manually chgrp
them using Unix commands.

Hope this helps!


David Bullock
Loftus Computing Services
Adelaide, South Australia

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