x filemanager

Joshua Pincus jp012d at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Mon Sep 21 02:25:48 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I've got two questions, and I'll list them in order of importance.  (1) Is 
there a way, or is there any research/development going into unearthing a way, 
to mount a samba filesystem like any other filesystem under UNIX?

And (2), does anyone know of a good X filemanager?  What I would really 
like to do is be able to mount a Samba directory or resource and treat 
it like any other directory.  That way, I could get away from the FTP-like
interface and be able to browse it with a graphical filemanager.


Joshua Pincus
BS Computer Science, May '99
University of Rochester:	jpincus at acm.org
Jackson Laboratory:			jsp at jax.org

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