strange problem with w95

Marco Frattola mfrattola at
Sat Sep 19 10:15:14 GMT 1998

Hi all,
and please excuse my English.
I've a strange problem (probably not due to samba, but maybe other ones on this
list have experienced it before). here's my LAN:

xx.xx.0 segment                      xx.xx.1 segment

WINS (linux) -|         ISDN         |- some linux
              |-- router -- router --|
many win3.11 -|                      |- many win95
few win95    -|
some linux   -|

all machines join the same workgroup and one of them, in segment 0, is the
wins server. all linux boxes use samba (1.9.17p2/4). all machines point to the
wins server. browsing seems to work.
if i use smbclient, from the 0 segment, to access shares on the 1 segment, it
works nicely as expected. from win95, it doesn't work at all. i can't find
the shares, even if i see the machine holding the share. from segment 1, 
accessing segmanet 0, it works as expected, both from linux and win95.
does anybody know what's wrong here? i can supply more info if needed.

also: what's the correct syntax for a hosts allow command to:

allow, xx.xx.0., xx.xx.1.
deny xx.xx.0.a, xx.xx.0.b, xx.xx.1.c, xx.xx.1.d

(if i read the man page correctly, allowing a wide range has precedence on
denying a specific address, so it can't work the way i've written it above.
wouldn't it make more sense to behave like xinetd does, i.e. exactly the

i can't understand when the list is comma separated and when it's space 
separates (my fault, obvuiosly)

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