Performance on solaris 2.5

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Sep 17 15:50:27 GMT 1998

Patrick van Zweden <sandburd at> wrote:
> I've installed samba on a sun sparc-station with solaris 2.5. But when
> i'm  doing something that's using the network really intense (like
> mp3-files playing over the network) the feed is not constant. With mp3
> files you can[t allow] that because you have pauses during the playing
> of the song.
> Is this a configuration mistake or something ?

	That depends on what you mean by ``i'm  doing 
	something that's using the network really intense''.

	If the net is busy already, mp3 will be affected.
	It's unlikely the server is a problem: a colleague
	pointed out that his  experience is that the normal 
	place to bottleneck is on the client: the format is 
	highly compressed, easy to ship around and 
	cpu-intensive to play.

	Try running it and looking to see if you get 3%
	or more collisions on the 'net . (netstat -i
	while the slowdowns are occurring, vs normal)

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