SAMBA digest 1809

Raghavendra B K (RBIN/TDB) Raghavendra.BK at PCM.BOSCH.DE
Wed Sep 16 05:28:19 GMT 1998


I am trying to unsubscribe from this list but in vain . I have subscribed it
from the e-mail accout beraghav at The unsubscribing URL
tells me to mail to listproc at with no subject and body as
"unsubscribe listname". I donot know the listname of this mailing list. I
tried listnames such as samba, samba-digest and samba-announce all of which
replied that I am not subscribed. Please let me know the correct listname of
this mailing list (I hope it can be identified by looking at the subject
field of this mail). Responses may be addressed to
raghavendra.bk at

Thanks and regards,

>  For information on unsubscribing see

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