Slow VC++ builds from Linux fileserver

Jim Hague hague at
Fri Sep 11 08:45:24 GMT 1998

>As a table:
>	Server		Client		Time
>	------		------		----
>	UltraSparc 	NT4		33
>	Linux		NT4		165
>	NT4		NT4		-
>	UltraSparc 	win95		54
>	Linux		win95		54
>	NT4		win95		64

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I haven't managed to make any
progress, and won't be able to now - I'm leaving this job today.

As suggested, I've tried switching oplocks/share/locking/etc on and off,
with no major differences. I have discovered that it's related to the
precompiled header handling. Without precompiled headers, W95 and NT4
clients proceed at the same speed.

Looking at a log dump, it would appear what is going on is that NT4 is
getting some sort of status information that convinces it that the
precompiled header file is invalid; it reads it happily, then suddenly
truncates it and rebuilds it.  This would appear to be the cause of the
slow performance rather than a particularly slow transaction. If I had the
time and resources, the next thing I'd do is to take a packet log and
compare the built from Samba and a NT4 server and see if I could spot a
point at which the transactions diverge.

If any of this rings any bells with somebody, Richard Lam
(richard at would be interested. Richard isn't - as far
as I know - going to have the time to investigate further, sadly.

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