can't access samba server anymore

Keith nfn11988 at
Fri Sep 11 00:31:54 GMT 1998

I have recently been messing with some files on my Debian 2.0 machine in order
to get ppp and diald to work. Somehow while messing with these files I 
screwed up Samba. It all started when I accidentally copied my 
/etc/hostname file from my other linux box to this one. I have changed
my hostname to reflect the name I want on this new Debian server. Part of 
the problem may also be that I cannot ping monster1, that is the server
that I am trying to get Samba working on, from Windows 95. I can ping the ip
address for monster1. I can ping my old linux machine called linux42298
by name and address. Samba is running on the old server and I can access
it from windows 95. I think I am making this more complicated than it needs
to be, but here it is in a nutshell. I have two Debian machines one called
linux42298 and running Debian 1.3 I can ping this machine by name and address
and I can map drives to it from window 95. I have another machine running
Debian 2.0 and it is called monster1. I can not ping this machine by name
but can ping it by address. I used to be able to map drives from windows 95. 
I started to copying files from my old machine to to the new and somehow 
managed to screw up the new machine.

Debian GNU/Linux			

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