Slow VC++ builds from Linux fileserver

Jim Hague hague at
Tue Sep 8 11:11:52 GMT 1998

We're using Samba 1.9.18p10 on a Linux 2.0.35 box as a fileserver chiefly
for software development under VC++. Builds are done from the command line,
not the IDE.

I'm seeing rather slow build performance under NT4SP3. Build performance is
fine under Win95. Build performance is also good when building from Samba
1.9.18p8 running on a Sun UltraSparc.

To give some concrete figures, building a AppWizard generated project under
NT4 takes 33 seconds when the project files sit on the UltraSparc and 165
seconds when they sit on Linux. When built under W95 (on a slower machine -
NT4 is 200 MHz PII w/ 128Mb, W95 is a 90MHz Pentium with 64Mb), the build
takes 54 secs when the project files sit on Linux or UltraSparc (and 64
seconds when the files are hosted on a NT server, for what it's worth).
Yep, a P90/W95 outperforms 200PII/NT4 by a factor of >2.

I have TCP_NODELAY on, and smb.conf is identical between Linux and the

Does anybody have any clues/suggestions?
Jim Hague - hague at,bears at
Canon Information Systems Research Australia        +61 2 9805 2854

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