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Keith nfn11988 at
Mon Sep 7 20:18:38 GMT 1998

This is probably an easy one. I have just setup Samba on my Debian 2.0
system with kernel 2.0.34. It was extremely easy set up, great job Samba
and Debian people. My problem is that I can see both of my Debian computers
in Network Neighborhood but can not log in to both of them. The one I can
log in to is Debian 1.3 with 2.0.33 on it. When I double-click on the
Debian 2.0 machine it prompts me for a password to access resource:
\\MONSTER1\IPC$ if I enter the password for the user that I am logged in to
Windows 95 with, which is also a valid Linux user with the same password it
tells me that I have entered the wrong password. I only have two users set
up on the new Debian 2.0 computer root and keith. I think there is
something wrong on the Debian 2.0 machine but I don't know what it is.


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