Binary distribution needing 'cc'

Francisco J. Soler frank at
Mon Sep 7 07:17:11 GMT 1998

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998 Gary Stainburn wrote:
> Hi all, can you help me with a small problem.  I've downloaded a binary  
> archive for AIX on an RS6000 because we don't have cc (can you believe
> it, the bloody c compiler is a chargeable extra!). 
> however, when I try to run a 'make install' all it did was complain that  
> it couldn't find 'cc' and then stopped.
> What am I doing wrong (apart from using aix instead of Linux)?
If you have downloaded the correct file, it's already compiled, so you can
modify the Makefile and delete the word "all" in the entry install. Then 
you can do a make install, and follow the installation instructions.

I hope this helps.

Francisco J. Soler
e-mail: frank at

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