Mindcraft NT vs. Solaris SMB performance tests

Andrew Miller andrew.miller at csfb.com
Thu Sep 3 15:48:39 GMT 1998

Serious SAMBA Admins,

Has anyone tried to reproduce the NT/Solaris SMB server comparison done
by Mindcraft:


Their test using the TotalNET SMB software ( demo comes with Solaris 2.6),
and tested with the Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation NetBench 5.01 showed
that NT was 4 times faster than a Sun Ultra 450, and has 11 times better

The article sounds really biased (linked from the Microsoft site.), and it
doesn't surprise me that an OS built to serve SMB has an easier time with
the SMBtests,  I also don't want to start a bunch of "but Unix is better
because..." arguments.

However, I've heard several times on this list that SAMBA tests have equaled
or bettered NT performance on equally priced hardware.

Is the TotalNET software so bad?  Is the NetBench test bogus?  Was there
a config problem with Mindcraft's test setup?  Whats the story?

- AM -

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