cisco catalyst 5500 1 vlan 2 networks and samba

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Subject:        	Samba and Catalyst 5500 problem
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We have a problem with Samba and the Cisco 5500. With Samba 
installed on
Sun Solaris we are NOT able to view the Sun machine using 
neighbourhood when connected through the switch. However if we 
use a HUB
inplace of the switch everything works fine.

Please find below the details

Machine        OS            hostname            IPaddress        

PC            windows95        win95  SUN          Solaris 2.6        

Samba Version 1.9.18p7 On Solaris

Scenario A ( When connected Through the switch )

I can ping from PC to SUN and Vice-Versa. From the PC I can 
Telnet to SUN
without the help of any gateway configured. We are using a 
subnet mask. Broadcasts are going thro as on the sun machine 
when I snoop
on the interface I can see the PC broadcasting basically doing an 
arp when
I hit the Network Neighbourhood button--> Entire Network. 

Also Samba has provided a diagnostic Readme file containing 10 
steps to
successfully install and configure Samba. All the seps go thro 
except the
10th step which states that from the file manager we should be 
able to
browse the Sun machine durango.

Through the switch I am able to do the follwing :-

Test1:    Test for errors on the smb.conf files on Solaris using 
command #
testparm smb.conf ( This is OK) Test2:    Ping both machines from 
ping durango and from durango ping win95. I am not using DNS just
/etc/hosts and c:\windows\hosts c:\windows\lmhosts. ( This is OK) 
 Run on SUN # smbclient -L durango . This should give me a list of 
browse list and a work group list ( Its OK) Test4:    Run on SUN #
nmblookup -B durango It should give me the IP address of durango ( Its OK) Test5:    Run on SUN # nmblookup -B 
win95 It
should give me the IP address of win95 (Its OK) 
Run on SUN # nmblookup -d 2 '*'. All machines running netbios 
respond and machine win95 responds with its IP address ( Its OK) 
Run on SUN # smbclient '\\durango\public' It is supposed to prompt 
me for
a password for the account admin which I have specified in the 
file. Once I key in the pasword it is supposed to give me the smb: 
prompt from which I can type dir or the help command ( It works OK) Test8:
   On the PC run the command "net view 
" I should get a
sharename, type and comment ( Its OK) test9:    On the PC run 
the command
"net use y: \\durango\public" It should map my Sun machine to Y: 
( its
fine) Test10:  On the PC from File mamager try to browse the 
server. The
Sun machine Durango should appear in the browse list. THIS 

Elimnating the switch I now use a HUB to connect the PC and the 
SUN using
the same IP address netmask etc..

All 10 steps work fine and the machine Durango appears under the 
workgroup and I can browse thro directories etc without any 

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