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Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Sep 2 16:03:45 GMT 1998

Service Informatique CHSR wrote:
> >Service Informatique CHSR wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >> I wonder if one can do a reverse mapping from an IP address to a netbios
> >> name with Samba?
> >
> >Try nmblookup -A <ip address>
> >
> This seems to work only with NT clients. I'd like to do reverse name mapping
> with W95 or WfW311 clients.
> any ideas?
> Regards,
> Jephte CLAIN

For Win95 an WfW clients you must first kill nmbd on the system you
want to run nmblookup and then run nmblookup as root. These clients
will not respond to arbitraty ports only the the privileged port.

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