run prog to create policy? + our setup

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Sep 1 12:41:47 GMT 1998


> Is it possible to give users a different policy?

Create a user in the policy file with the <username> you 
want.  This works with WinNT under the experiemental Samba 
PDC as well.  Groups are not supported though.

> BTW, We're planning to setup WinNT workstations with a 
> samba server as server: what kind of problems can we 
> expect?

Do you mean as a PDC or simply a file server.  For information 
on Samba as a PDC check out the NTDOM FAQ linked off the main 
samba site.  

If you are planning on only using it as a file server, there's a
registry setting neccessary to enable the client to access shares using
plain text passwords (docs/NT4_PlainPassword.reg) or you can setup the
samba server to use encrypted passwords (docs/ENCRYPTION.txt).  No other
real big issues besides this.

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