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Tue Sep 1 13:17:45 GMT 1998


On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Gerald Carter wrote:

| > Is it possible to give users a different policy?
| Create a user in the policy file with the <username> you 
| want.  This works with WinNT under the experiemental Samba 
| PDC as well.  Groups are not supported though.

Hmm... is it possible with the preexec command too? I'd make at about 700
accounts, and I think the policy file would become too big and it would
become to complex to create an entry for each user...
So if I can easily copy the data when the group is different to the
file... Is it possible that normal users then get the data of an extended
BTW, are groups not possible under NT or not because SAMBA is unable to
deliver the group information?

Maybe then serving using an NT server is a better idea, however I'd like
to use the passwords from my unix server, and it saves a lot of money when
just using an unix box...

| > BTW, We're planning to setup WinNT workstations with a 
| > samba server as server: what kind of problems can we 
| > expect?
| Do you mean as a PDC or simply a file server.  For information 

both ;-)

| on Samba as a PDC check out the NTDOM FAQ linked off the main 
| samba site.  

is 18p10 a good idea, or should I experiment with 2.0.0alpha?
(it's still not possible to use the account information on the unix server
with nt isn't it?)

| samba server to use encrypted passwords (docs/ENCRYPTION.txt).  No other
| real big issues besides this.

yes, I'm using encrypted passwords already, and let users use smbpasswd
for their passwords, so the unix password is updated too (haven't tested
this yet, so I hope it works...)

Thanks for your help,


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