Win95 Domain Logon

Klaus-Dieter Schoenfeldt kadewe at Athena.ASK.FH-Furtwangen.DE
Tue Sep 1 10:15:07 GMT 1998

Hello all!

After studying the Mailing List Archives it seems I am the only one having
problems with this topic...

I have a Samba Server running on Linux and three Win95 Clients (and one
Mac, connected with all this with netatalk...). File and printersharing
works fine, directory browsing, WINS Service, whatsoever. Now I am trying
to get domain logons to work so we come close to the state where everyone
can expect nearly the same environment on any PC.

Short description of the failure: When trying to log on the client shows
only a dialog "The domain password is wrong or access to the logon server
was denied." (Sorry, had to translate back from german to english).

The Log file of nmbd (debug level 4) shows the following:

Domain login request from DATENBANK( user=KADE token=ffff
nmb packet from header: id=8
opcode=Registration(5)  response=No
    header: flags: bcast=No rec_avail=No rec_des=Yes trunc=No auth=No
    header: rcode=0 qdcount=1 ancount=0 nscount=0 arcount=1
    question: q_name=KADE(3) q_type=32 q_class=1
    additional: nmb_name=KADE(3) rr_type=32 rr_class=1 ttl=300000
    additional 0 char `...o.  hex 6000C0A86F03 Name registration for name
KADE(3) at - find_name on WINS:  KADE(3)
search 2 not found find_name on WINS: KADE(3) search 2 Added
netbios name KADE(3) at ttl=14400 nb_flags=60 to interface
WINS replying netbios packet: nmb_reg KADE(3) nmb packet from header: id=8 opcode=Registration(5)  response=Yes
    header: flags: bcast=No rec_avail=Yes rec_des=Yes trunc=No auth=Yes
    header: rcode=0 qdcount=0 ancount=1 nscount=0 arcount=0
    answers: nmb_name=KADE(3) rr_type=32 rr_class=1 ttl=14400
    answers 0 char `...o.  hex 6000C0A86F03 Dump of WINS name table: 

I think it is something easy I am missing... But what? Anyone any clue?

Yours sincerly, KaDe

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