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Igor Colovic cigor at EUnet.yu
Sat Oct 31 08:25:23 GMT 1998

I have a Question about files and smb.conf option browsable.

I have setup one public share(witch is diving me some trouble).

This is what this trouble is:
On that share all users save public files from win95 or win98.
On login script is executed witch using net use map this share to drive P:

When someone delete files, or save new files on P: disk, some of users(after
refresh or logout/login)
do not see new files, but see old deleted files.

She setup in smb.comf is something like this
    Comment = public files
    path = /services/smb/public
    browsable = yes
    public = yes

What is hepening.
(The option in NN is not Quick log on, and disk map is not set to reconect
on login, we use script for that)

This is not the case with other shares.

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