Debugging Help?

John D. Hays jhays at Hays.ORG
Sat Oct 31 18:48:58 GMT 1998

I need your help in trying to figure out a strange error.

On our household LAN we have a Linux server running SAMBA (RedHat 4.1,
Kernel 2.0.35, Samba Version 1.9.18p8).  There are 4 WinDoze boxes that
normally are connected. (Vision - Win98, Gecko - Win98, Mobius - Win98, and
Maker - Win95)

Linux (The Server - Original Name, Huh?) has an HP LaserJet IIIP
w/Postscript cartridge on it.  There are filters which switch it between PCL
and Postscript depending on the printer name (lp_raw is good for dos/windows

Vision, my primary workstation is able connect to the printer service on
Linux and use the LaserJet.  This seems to work, regardless of who is logged
into this workstation (we are using the NT domain logon feature in Samba).
Vision also has a locally connected HP DeskJet 722C.

Gecko, Mobius, and Maker can all print to the DeskJet connected to Vision,
but whenever they try to print to the LaserJet on Linux they get an error.
They all are using the same NT domain as Vision.  They do see the printer(s)
off of Linux in the Network Neighborhood.

Where should I look to fix the problem?

from smb.conf:

        load printers =  Yes
        min print space =  0
        print command =  lpr -r -P%p %s
        print ok =  No
        printcap name =  /etc/printcap
        printer driver =  NULL

   browseable = yes
   printable = yes
   public = no
   writable = no
   create mode = 0700
   path = /usr/spool/smbprint

jhays at

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