nmb error (any suggestoins?)

Robert robert at mhi-tx.com
Fri Oct 30 14:20:27 GMT 1998

> I am having a problem with browsing..and have been through all the
> browising docs (i think) I have an error in my log.nmb as follows:
> "process_lanman_packet: On subnet (ip of samba server) ignoring browse
> packet command code 4 from (AFPS_SERVERNAME)#00600<20> Ip (ip of
> where AFPS refers to "Advanced File and Print Server" running on SCO
> 5.0.2 this is my PDC for the domain (AFPS), the samba server is in this
> domain..ie the "workgroup= AFPS" .
> Mostly everything works exept I can only see the samba server in a
> browse list if I go to find->computer and enter its name on a win95 box.
> It doesn't show up in regular browse lists from nethood etc.
> Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks in advance
> Robert

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