WINNT SRV3 Password Problem

Anh Nguyen atnguyen at
Fri Oct 30 00:55:50 GMT 1998

I installed samba-1.9.18p10 version on my Solaris 2.6 with
   security = user
   encrypt password = no
      smb passwd file = /opt/samba-1.9.18p10/private/smbpasswd
  2) cat /etc/passwd | > /opt/samba-1.9.18p10/private/smbpasswd
      chmod 500 $PRIVATE
      chmod 600 $PRIVATE/smbpasswd

  3) On my NT4.0 SRVP 3, I re-enable clear text passwd as install instruction.

NOTHING HAPPEN when I tried to go to Samba from my PC.

Thanks in advance,

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