Linux in NT domain (long)

Sean Brown sbrown at
Thu Oct 29 22:45:58 GMT 1998



NT 4.0 Server as PDC
	IP: 10.0.1.X
RH5.1 Linux
	IP: 207.78.247.X

New to Samba, not new to Linux or NT.

Here's what I would like to do:

Obviously, the NT PDC is the server for an internal network.  What I would
like to do is add the new Linux box to the network so that my Win95 and NT
clients can see ONE directory.  The Linux box will be a test bed web server
and I'd like them to be able to copy files to the web directory tree
without FTPing.  I've read much on how to add the Linux box to the domain,
but I have a few concerns and would like input.

First, I would like my users who have already logged onto the NT domain not
to have to log on again to the Linux box (Samba server).  I think I'd be OK
with it as long as they didn't have to set up new Linux user accounts.

Secondly I'm concerned about security.  I'm worried that if I set up
"shares" to the Linux box, that a savvy user would be able to see the
"shares" on the NT network as well.

It seems to me that I'd need to either 1) assign a second IP or 2) get
another network card for the Linux box since the 207.78.X.X IP won't be
seen on the network anyway.

Any advice?  Configuration tips?

Thanks in advance.

Sean Brown
Ethos Interactive, Inc.
mailto: sbrown at 

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