W95 and no update from samba shares

Peter H. Lemieux phl at cyways.com
Thu Oct 29 18:13:10 GMT 1998

Wolfgang writes:

> We have set up a Digital/Unix box with samba and the clients (W95) can
> mount the shares from this box. On the Unix side we create a textfile
> which will be periodically (or not) appended with new data. A
> Application on the W95 side reads this file.

> The Problem is, that the textfile has new lines, the Application don't
> see them !!!

You might be running afoul of the CR vs CR/LF difference between Unix and
DOS.  I have a client that was editing perl scripts using Samba.  The
scripts would fail to be executed because his DOS/Win editor would hang
^M's on the end of every line. 

To fix this I wrote a little script that uses a utility called dos2unix
that strips the ^M's from all the relevant files.  (I use Linux, but I
suspect you could dig up the source for this somewhere if there's not a
binary for Digital Unix.)  In smb.conf I have a root postexec option that
runs this script whenever my client disconnects from the samba server. 

Hope this helps!



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