Profiles problem

Peter Burgstaller peter at
Thu Oct 29 13:32:41 GMT 1998

Hi all,

amazing, what samba can do already. I have 2.0.0 pre-alpha installed (cvs 21.Oct). 

I cannot get the profiles to work. It works fine if I use the defaults
\\%N\%U\profile but doesn't if I use \\%N\profile\%U
I have a [profile] section which is browsable also smbstatus tells me that
if a client is connected that the service profile is in use .. but as soon
as the user logs out .. the client complains that it couldn't update its
profile on the server. I tried already to copy over the profile of the user
from its home directory ... still .. no success in syncing the profile upon
logoff .. 

anybody any hints?

-= Cheers, Peter

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