Anyone resolved "failed to lock SMB passwd file"?

Fulvio Corno Fulvio.Corno at
Thu Oct 29 12:58:37 GMT 1998

thank you for the very useful insight.

Robert Dahlem wrote:
> Samba locks smbpasswd when it runs with "update encryted = yes" and does not find
> the user to be updated in smbpasswd. Make sure you have *all* users in smbpasswd
> and the problem will disappear.

Indeed, it seems fixed now.

> Perhaps someone has a bit of spare time to proove this and report to samba-bugs. I
> feel discouraged to do so because I reported several problems and never got
> something back but the machine generated reply to be patient ...

I found the (possible) source of the error, in smbpass.c line 620+

        /* We have a write lock on the file. */
        * Scan the file, a line at a time and check if the name matches.
        while (!feof(fp))
        if (!found_entry) return False;   /* line 707 */

If no entry is found, the procedure returns without releasing the lock.
I modified the last statement as:

        if (!found_entry)                 /* line 707 */
                return False;

as it appears in other parts of the code. For now, it seems to have
corrected the problem.

thanks again, and happy sambing

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