No uppercase chars in Win95 password?

Daryl L. Biberdorf darylb at
Thu Oct 29 12:02:12 GMT 1998

We're running Samba 1.9.18p10 under Linux (kernel 2.0.35) to provide
services to 25 or so Win95 clients (Win 95 OSR 2).

We currently have the users telnet to our Linux server to change
their passwords. If the user puts any uppercase characters in their
password, Win 95 will not log them in. Mail (via IMAP) works fine,
so the UNIX passwd database appears to be OK. I looked over the
PASSWORDS.txt document, but it doesn't mention any problems with
Win 95. 

Is this a known problem? Is there any way around it? I hate having
to qualify our instructions to our users by telling them to
avoid uppercase characters.


Daryl Biberdorf		darylb at

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