Sometime cannot connect to samba server, Why ?

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Wed Oct 28 20:52:18 GMT 1998

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>It is also strange that this problem does not happen to the clients
>which have been assigned to use the share resource in the samba
>server after booted, i.e. I put all the MS Office Program (or CD-ROM)
>to a share in samba and install this package in each client at
>'run from CD-ROM' option.  This means that most of the components
>of the MS Office is in the share of samba.

I had a similar problem that clients failed to run a software package from
a share sometimes. Every client opened about 45 files when the program was
running, and after about 20 computers connecting the servers' global file
table was full - leading to very confusing error messages. Look how man
files are opened from samba using lsof of smbstatus, may be you have to
raise the system limit (echo 2048 >/proc/sys/kernel/file-max on Linux)

cu.. Stefan

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